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The Tune to 100 Years of Bay County; Centennial Celebration at McKenzie Park

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100 years ago Monday founders celebrated the incorporation of Bay County at Mckenzie Park in Panama City. Telling the tale of the counties history was a familiar sound of music by a band named after the very place where they reside.

"It kinds of brings everybody together," said Garrett Youngblood of the Deep South Band. "It always manages to do that."

Deep South helped Bay County celebrate it's centennial along with good smelling barbeque and the Spanish moss that surrounds the park.

"Well one of the main goals of the Centennial Committee was trying to re-create how they celebrated 100 years ago," said Terri Pierce of the Bay County Centennial Committee. "And we thought blue grass was a pretty appropriate choice."  

Many danced and even sang along to the pic of the banjo and the beat of the base.

"Oh I love it," said Blanch Norris. "Oh, it's just lively.

"It just makes you want to move."

And she wasn't the only one.

"Well, I was just beginning to get going with it," said Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithan. "I was going to dance a little bit until I saw the camera and decided I wouldn't."  

Many gathered to take in their county's long history. Young and old, big and small, the lines weren't long enough to keep people away from grabbing a bite, or a glance, or an ear shot of a little piece of history.

"We have scrambled," said Pierce. "But, I have had so many great people working with me and I think all of our hard work has proven to be all worth something."  

And for 5th generation Bay Countian Garrett Youngblood it's his inspiration and his home.

"Music is a traveling career," said Youngblood. "But, I have to have roots somewhere."

Starting July 12th the Visual Arts center will hold an exhibit to celebrate 100 years of Bay County history.