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Check Washing in the Panhandle

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You mail a water bill or send a birthday check to a loved one. Once you put that check in the mailbox you want to feel confident it will get to its destination.

Recently in our area that security has been stolen along with information.It's a crime that involves a great amount of time and skill, all with the intent to take money from your account and put it where a criminal wants it to go.  After you put your pen to the paper, someone else decides a better use for your money.  Local business owner, Dr. Goodreau was recently a victim of check washing, "I checked my bank account Sunday evening and saw a check that was for quite a large amount of money that was not something I had written. My office manager Rose met me at the office." Her manager was taken aback by the call and looked for what could be the reason for the charge, "We came into the office to see if the office had been broken into and if any checks had been stolen and we realized that didn't happen." Once the check was in the mail, someone snatched it. According to Dr. Goodreau they wrote the check for $3,640.12. The check was stolen from her business. Panama City Police Department Detective Toney Phinney says businesses are the perfect target for check washers. He gives tips on how to  defend your checks, "To prevent this from happening, you could set up online billing and don't ever let your mail sit." Detective Phinney also says to check your bank statements often if not daily also, when you send a check in the make sure let the recipient know it's on the way.

Lastly, if you are a victim of check your bank and police department immediately.