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Modern Medicine: End to Excessive Sweating

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Bay County, Fla. -

Excessive underarm sweating can be an embarrassing problem.  The medical term for this is axillary hyperhidrosis.  Before now, doctors would prescribe prescription strength anti-perspirant or use botox.  However, neither of those options are permanent. 

A new procedure at Gulf Coast Dermatology and Aqua Medical Spa, called miraDry, is a permanent solution.

Amy smith says her excessive sweating was interfering with her life.

"You have to be careful what colors you wear.  I deal with the public.  I'm a nurse practitioner, so you don't want a sweaty, stinky person coming in to see you," Smith says. 

Smith has seen a 75 percent reduction in underarm sweating with just one treatment.  She says she's happy with the results.

"You can wear sleeveless and not worry about it.  You can wear light colors and not worry about it, and that's a big thing," explains Smith.

Dermatologist Dr. Jon Ward says patients typically need two to three treatments, and there are no long term side effects.

He explains, "With miraDry we are able to numb the areas under the arms and use microwave energy to basically kill the sweat glands."

Dr. Ward says patients may see some swelling after treatment, but that goes away, along with the sweating.

He says, "When you take that sweating away, there's still plenty of other areas to sweat, so it doesn't affect the ability of your body to cool itself."

The cost is one thousand dollars per treatment with a maximum of three treatments needed.  Dr. Ward says patients will often notice decreased hair growth under the arms after the miraDry procedure as well.