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Clean-up After the Flood in Panama City Beach

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While many areas of the Panhandle are still under water, homeowners in Panama City Beach started to see some relief Friday. But, it was just the beginning of what could be weeks of clean up.

Many people were outside in good spirits in the Gulf Highland neighborhood after the rain literally flooded their Fourth of July. However, it was tough to not notice all of the wet carpet also outside of the homes.

Thursday's constant rain showers dumped nearly two feet of water in some sections of the neighborhood. Mother Nature had no mercy this week and filled some homes with a foot of water.

"It's pretty devastating when your living room becomes a lake," said Nathan Brooks with SouthernCat Inc.

On Friday, homeowners started cleaning up the mess, some even called in the professionals such as disaster response teams. Brooks said in these type cases, it's not "just a little rain." He called it "black water" that could make some people sick.

"When all the systems are completely backed up and water is flowing up out of septic systems, flowing over the contaminants in the road, it's very important you get that out."

Contractors soaked up the last of the water in one townhouse and prepared it for reconstruction. It'll need a few days to completely dry and eventually get new carpet, drywall, and baseboards, at the least.

It's some of the worst flooding Brooks has ever seen.

"I think it was the duration of the rain, the amount of the rain, and everything got backed up."

Brooks said the company is working on nearly 40 commercial and private properties. It takes a few days to dry and sanitize each one after a flood.