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Cessna Aircraft’s “Discover Flight Challenge” Inspiring Students

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If you held a summer internship while you were in college, you might remember making a lot of coffee runs; but for one student, he's traveling the country in a brand new Cessna aircraft for what he calls the "opportunity of a lifetime."

Steven West looks like you're average college senior until you see him take off in a Cessna Skyhawk 172.

Nicknamed "The Scholar", his mission is to foster a passion for science, technology and math in grand fashion.

"6 interns, 6 brand new aircrafts flying across the country. It's an amazing experience for the summer and an amazing internship," said West.

That internship is part of Cessna Aircraft's "Discover Flight Challenge." West is up for it -- up, up and away -- flying across the across the Southeast, sharing his love and knowledge of flight (and the science behind it) to all willing to listen.

The 21 year old North Carolina State University student became the teacher for a group of 11th and 12th graders from FSU-PC's S.T.E.P Camp, Friday.

"Innovation comes from those industries. It comes from science, technology, engineering and math. People with the ideas and bring them fruition. Doing the research that's going to cure cancer, bringing about the next generation of medical technology. That's happening now," he said.

The Flight Challenge is all about making a way for future fliers, like Arnold High School Student, Shylah Brown.

"It's exciting! You get to see all of the controls and to actually be up in the air would be awesome," said Brown.

West agrees. Flying his first plane as a teen, he has a deep appreciation for flight history.

"We've seen the past 110 years, going from the Wright flyer to a 15 year old flying an airplane. I want to be a part of what takes us to the next step forward...that next 100 years of aviation history would be incredible," said West.

West will continue his summer tour in airports across Florida before a grand finale fly-in this August in Wisconsin.

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