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Residents of Stanford Pointe Still Displaced After Flooding

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When the rain started, the water came pouring in for Stanford Pointe resident Sonia Boldan. The amount of which are hard to describe.

"Niagara falls," she said. "It was just a lot of water in a very short period of time."

During the flooding over the Fourth of July, it didn't take long for her apartment and others at the apartment complex to completely fill with water.

"Me and my twenty year old son are trying to get the flood gates up as the water is starting to come into the patio," said Boldan. "Fifteen minutes later water was coming over those flood gates."

Boldan left her home and possessions and waited for help, which she says didn't come until a day later--after a hotel room and money already spent.

"Several of the units got flooded," said Brittany Walsh with Royal American Management. "And several of the residents we had to put in hotels and on Friday we went in we had DRT, disaster restoration team, there."

Since then the restoration efforts began. The management company says they are working hard to get residents back in their homes.

"Getting the carpets out, the padding out,  they extracted the water," said Walsh. "[They replaced] sheet rock, they put the commercial grade drying units in there."  

The company says they are trying to maintain communication with displaced residents. Reassuring them their food and board will be paid for. But Boldan says it's much too little too late.

"I think they should care more, I think they should have jumped on it sooner, I think they should have been more compassionate, I think they shouldn't have been so negligent and non-caring about placing our personal items, and leaving the building unsecured where stuff could be stolen out of my unit," said Boldan.

While she was able to salvage some of her belongings, Boldan says it's the little things she won't be able to replace.

"You'll never get them back," she said. "All you'll have left is your memories of it and that's it."  

But there's no where to go but up as she tries to keep her head, this time, above water.

"So, I'm going to try to salvage what I can," said Boldan. "I have to go through that storage unit and start over.

"And it won't be on the bottom floor in an apartment complex that floods."

Royal American says it will be two to five weeks before residents will be able to return to their homes.