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Gulf World Aids Loggerhead

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     Gulf World Marine Park is known for its dolphin shows and up close encounters with wildlife, but did you know it also has a reputation for rehabilitating injured animals.

    Friday night a family reached out to the park for the benefit of an injured sea turtle.

A family from Taylor County sought the help of Gulf World's Rehabilitation Program for an animal that is on the brink of endangerment. A loggerhead turtle was spotted looking lethargic and ill in the waterways of Taylor County. The organization completed radio graphs and  blood tests. The turtle was named Taylor after the county where it was found. It has been diagnosed with pneumonia and is currently being treated for injuries to its shell.

     Gulf World's Stranding Coordinator, Secret Holmes-Douglas, suspects a boat propeller caused the damage to the shell. She urges boaters should be alert and on the lookout for wildlife when they are on the water, "We've seen a lot of fishery interactions with the turtles this year. We've seen some entangled in fishing line and this is the first boat strike, We've seen this year in our area. We just want to make sure with everyone out on the waterways to make sure to pay attention and look for sea turtles surfacing for air."

The Loggerhead is expected to make a full recovery and return to the Gulf within the next few weeks.