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Property Home to Derelict Vessel to Go Under Development Review

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If you make your daily commute through Millville it's hard not to notice the view of Watson Bayou. It's serene, but it does have one... minor... hitch.

"That's the first thing people see when they across the bridge into Millville," said David Wiggins. He speaking about the view of the Sun Dancer Vessel that sits on Watson Bayou.

"I just think this community deserves something better," said Wiggins.

He's excited to hear that view could be changing. A developer hopes to construct some 200 slips for dry dock storage on the property across from 5th street and Cactus Avenue in Panama City. Currently, the city has none.

"I believe out on the beach there's lighthouse marina," said Wiggins. "But, in Panama City I can't name a place that has dry storage."  

And Watson Bayou might serve as a perfect place for such a venue.

"It's a hurricane hole," said Wiggins. "It's always protected over here and I think there's a need for dry storage for power boats as well."

A level one development order has been obtained for the project and a sign publicizing action at the next commission meeting has been placed on the property. Wiggins says if the plans do go through it will be another advantage for boaters in the area.

"To have dry storage and to have a boat access where someone can go and have their boat dropped in the water and for them and not have to worry about a trailer and a truck I think it definitely adds to the boating experience," said Wiggins.

The Panama City commission will review plans for development at their next commission meeting on Tuesday July 23rd.