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Man Charged After Opening Package Full of Drugs

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On Thursday, July 18, 2013, the United State Postal Service and the Jackson County Drug Task Force conducted an investigation into a suspicions postal parcel that was intercepted in transit from an address in California, to 5277 Smokey Road, Graceville, Florida.

Due to suspicious indicators observed by the United States Postal Service the parcel was suspected to contain illegal narcotics. A Jackson County Sheriff's Office narcotics detection canine was deployed for an open air sniff of the suspect parcel. The canine alerted to the odor of narcotics emitting from the parcel.

With the indicators on the package and the canine alert on the parcel, Investigators traveled to 5277 Smokey Road near Graceville to further the investigation.

At the address, Investigators made contact with resident there who was identified as Jimmy CD Cushing. Once making contact with Cushing, the parcel was opened and found to contain nearly one (1) pound of crystal methamphetamine/ICE.

During the ensuing investigation at Cushing's residence, it was determined that the suspect parcel that was intercepted on July 18th was the second suspect parcel that had been delivered to Cushing's residence. The first package was not intercepted and had been successfully delivered to Cushing's residence. That package is believed to have also contained nearly one (1) pound of methamphetamine.

It was also discovered that Cushing was only partly involved in the importation of methamphetamine into the area. Once the methamphetamine was received by Cushing at his residence, the methamphetamine was to be passed along to another individual for further distribution.

The methamphetamine intercepted, if sold in user amounts, has a local street value in excess of $40,000. The first parcel would also have been valued in excess of $40,000 totaling over $80,000 worth of methamphetamine that the organization has imported and attempted to import into Jackson County and surrounding areas.

During a search of Cushing's residence remnants of the first parcel package was located as was a user amount of methamphetamine and a .22 caliber rifle. Cushing is a convicted felon who is prohibited for possessing a firearm.

Cushing was placed under arrest for Conspiracy to Distribute Methamphetamine and Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon. Cushing was transported to and housed in the Jackson County Jail to await first appearance on his charges.


Information provided by the Jackson County Sheriff's Office