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ONE on ONE with Janice Lucas

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Less than a week ago, a high profile murder trial wrapped up here in Florida. The George Zimmerman case was seen all around the country.  Zimmerman faced 2nd degree murder charges for the death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin in the town of Sanford. Zimmerman was aquitted.

The verdict sparked a controvery and a debate over civil rights and gun laws.

Bay County Educator and  Community Activist, Janice Lucas is speaking out. "Disappointment, anger, but mad, but from a saddened perspective",Lucas says. She expected at least the manslaughter charge for Zimmerman. "I  mean the situation is, a young man, 17 years old walking down the street with skittles and tea is thought to be suspicious by someone who follows him against the advice of a police dispatcher and then he ends up dead," Lucas says. But she understands how the jury reached it's verdict of not guilty.

Lucas says "the State of Florida tried the case, they were the prosecutor and it was their burden of proof, their burden to prove without a doubt that Zimmerman was guilty and it was the defense attorney's burden to just raise reasonable doubt".