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Florida Seniors Have Higher Healthy Life Expectancy Among Southeast

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At the Bay County Council on Aging, you'll find music, laughter, and friendship. 

"It just makes the day whenever you can come out and be with other people and have people love you and love them back," said Mary Lee Hallman who has worked at the senior center for the past 16 years. 

James Manley, 87, visits there almost every day and shares his gift of singing with everyone when he's not doing dishes in the kitchen.

"Cause these some good people," said Manley. "I like to be around them."

The center offers an atmosphere for good company and activities, and it's that, Executive Director  Beth Coulliette, says is extremely beneficial to seniors' health.

"We found through the years that people who stay involved, who volunteer, who participate in activities, who are social, who are in a support group, do much better health wise," said Coulliette.

Growing old is a fact of life. However, new statistics reveal those who live in the sunshine state are expected to live a little longer. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed statistics Friday regarding individuals state's healthy life expectancy, for seniors at age 65.

For both men and women, it was generally lower in the South than anywhere else in the United States, however Florida seemed to be a bit of an exception.

Senior Floridians have a higher healthy life expectancy than any other state in the Southeast. More specifically, senior women in the sunshine state joined many other western states with a healthy life expectancy of living at least 15 years longer.

"The services are better than in many states, the services for senior adults and the elders," said Coulliette. "Florida has done a good job for providing services for those who need to stay independent and are a little older and need a little help."

"Take it one day at time, enjoy that day, be happy, be around other people," advises Hallman, who is 76 years young. She says in addition to good company, staying active has also helped her live a healthy long life.

While many agreed with some of Hallman's secret, everyone also said their well-being was something beyond their control.

"Stay with the man that made ya," said Manley.

Fore more information regarding the Bay County Council on Aging in Panama City, click here. The agency is currently hiring. Their contact information is on their website.