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7 On 7 Football Provides Good Experience For High School Football Players

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The summertime has always been a time for teams to improve, and across the Panhandle, teams wasting no time in working to get better. 7 on 7 football is a good tool for players to improve their game, as it gives guys a chance to hone their offensive skills, and for defensive players to learn coverage.

The Freeport Bulldogs welcomed in the Walton Braves for a scrimmage last week, and the 'Dogs looking to improve and build off a Regional Final appearance last season. Head Coach Jim Anderson says 7 on 7 has become an integral part of summer football for his team, and says losing in the Regional Finals last season has only given his guys more motivation this summer.

"We work pretty much year round," he said. "We give them a week or two off after spring football, but our kids work really hard and they do a great job. The key is we have to do all the hard work and all the detail work. The saying is that the devil is in the details. Our guys know they have to do the work and they have to pay attention to small things and if they do that, the big things will take care of themselves."

Jimmy Ray Stephens is entering his second year at the helm of the Walton Braves, and says 7 on 7 not only helps with knowledge of the game, but it also gives a chance for extra conditioning for his guys.

"It's just good work and it breaks the monotony of working against each other all the time and having an opportunity to compete against another team and the fellowship is always good," he said. "The kids have had a great summer. They've worked extremely hard. We go four days a week, and I think they're getting stronger and faster, which we need badly, but it's been a really good summer for us."

Stephens added he's tried to schedule a 7 on 7 scrimmage once a week for his team.