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Veterans Study Room Dedicated at Florida State University PC

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A Bay County family dedicates a room for Student veterans at Florida State University Panama City in honor of two veteran relatives, one who was killed in action.

We're surrounded by all branches of the military in the Panhandle and FSU PC considers this a unique opportunity to serve those who have served all of us.

Brian Hudgins doesn't look like your average college student.

At 46 years old, the husband and father is also a former soldier in the US Army.

Monday, surrounded by books he sat in a brand new room at FSU PC, dedicated to people who, like himself, have served our Country.

"It's a good place to come. You can just come in here, study. It's pretty quiet in here," said Hudgins.

Monday, The James Skinner and Cameron Skinner Veterans Study Room was unveiled for the first time.

The room is made possible through the generous donation of Floyd and Gloria Skinner and the room's namesakes each holding a special place in their hearts.

James is Floyd's brother who died in action at age 20 in Vietnam. Cameron is the Skinner's son; a bronze star recipient who served in Iraq.

"I thought this was just a great fit to name this room after them…makes me feel very proud for the veterans that will come here and study in this room. I know I was a veteran and went to school on the G.I. Bill and I know and can sense a little of what these guys feel," he said.

In a special dedication ceremony, Monday, the Skinner's were proud to honor their veterans.

Speaking to News 13, Mr. Skinner grew emotional thinking how is older brother would have felt about this day.

"Oh, I think my brother is looking down... fine Christian young up with his heavenly father and smiling that this has been done on behalf of veterans," said Skinner.

University President, Dr. Ken Shaw is also smiling.

"What we're doing is we're providing an education for those giving of themselves to our country and that is just a privilege for us," he said.

With scholarships, grants and VA support services available for all active duty and veteran students, Shaw said he is proud of the steps they have taken to honor those for their service, especially through this tangible show of appreciation.

The Skinner's donated $50,000 to see this dream come to fruition.

They have also previously dedicated a room in the Criminal Justice department in honor of their daughter, Charla.