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Do it Yourself Products for Killing Pest and Rodents

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Whether it's ants, roaches, or fleas the heavy rainfall and summer heat has left pests crawling for cover--possibly in your home.

If you'd rather not go the professional route many stores offer "Do-it-yourself" products to get rid of your pesky problem.

Gulf Coast Pest Control says they have been busy with "do it yourselfers". These stores and others offer specific solutions for specific insects or rodents.

Jimmy Janowski from Gulf Pest says even if you want to do things on your own there is still help along the way.

"Well they're okay doing it themselves," said Janowski. "They just want to make sure they have the right product and we usually tell them exactly what product they need and they usually go from there.

"We haven't had any complaints yet so it all the products work out."


Products for flees:

Drag net


Protein/Sugar Ants:


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