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Springfield Police Force gets New Vehicles

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The Springfield police department has recently upgraded some of their fleet and they are equipped with some pretty sophisticated equipment.

In May, the Springfield Police Department added four Ford police interceptor SUVs to their fleet.

Assistant Chief Barry Roberts explained that they chose these vehicles because the Crown Victoria, which has been the number one police vehicle for many years, was discontinued by Ford.

To replace the popular vehicle, Ford now makes two different models of police interceptors, a car and the SUV.   

Two of the four new SUVs are equipped with complex infrared camera units, which allow the officers to detect different levels of heat in the environment and can allow officer to see in an area ahead of entering a search.

"So if somebody is hiding in the woods or something, they can pull them up on the infrared and actually see them behind trees brush, or things of such nature," said Roberts. "It makes it safer for the officer to know who is approaching the area to know where an individual is, verses just going in blinded essentially and not know where they are hiding at."

Springfield Police Department received both of their infrared units from a US dept of Justice Grant program, called Byrne.

They have already been approved to receive a third camera system, and they have plans to put it in another one of the new units, when it arrives.