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Mossy Head Industrial Park Getting Truck Stop

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Mossy Head Industrial Park in Walton County get's its first tenant: a Loves Truck Stop.

It's a move more than 11 years in the making.

The new industry is bringing brand new jobs with it; 80 jobs to be exact.

District 3 Commissioner, Bill Imfeld, said there's more where that came from once businesses start making their way in.

"By making it a top priority to get it developed, we've been able to reach out and provide the incentives necessary to bring businesses in," said Imfeld.

It's clear, according to Imfeld, that Mossy Head Industrial Park is a real priority for Walton County.

A 2002 brain child, the area has shown promise for potential industries, but no businesses have taken root until now.

"We've got 350 acres available for development and to bring in like a loves truck that's immediately going to put money back into the gas tax coffers, into the sales tax coffers, into the property tax revenue for the county, all those will add some stability to the county," said Imfeld.

After 11 years of sitting relatively dormant, the County says they're not wasting any time.

The contract with Loves was signed Tuesday and Thursday the County was already clearing out trees and land, making a way for this brand new industry.

"Where we can work in partnerships with these industries, we want to do it so it benefits both," said Imfeld.

A benefit it could be; 80 new jobs for all levels and skills.

"We've got everything from people to flip hamburgers to management level positions with operating the store," said Imfeld.

Imfeld said one of the best things about Mossy Head Industrial park is it's close proximity to I-10.

"We'll all provide a nice family atmosphere for people that are traveling along the highway to come off and rest here off exit 70 of I-10," said Imfeld.

Imfeld said, since Loves has signed on, other businesses have shown interest in locating at mossy head, including a defense contractor, a food processing company, a fence company and a business that turns garbage into energy by-products.