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Haney Gets 3D Printer and Scanner

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The Haney Technical center in Panama City is home to some new equipment, which will allow students limitless opportunities for creativity. 

Starting in the fall, students will be able to incorporate another dimension into their designs,  with a new 3D scanner and printer.

Prior to this point, Haney Technical students were limited to creating only things that could printed on paper.. Now they can print things in any dimension.

"Its coming its the way of the future," said Jason Heath, Digital Design Instructor, Haney Technical Center. "Everyday there is a new company that comes up with ways to apply this technology to things that they want to do."

The 3D printer and scanner combination allows students to scan any object, and replicate it.

"The printer actually drops very thin layers of plaster composite powder and then goes back over that layer with a standard print head and printer assembly to print the object that you are going to create in very thing layer one at a time building upwards."

The printer will mainly be used by digital design students, but it can also be used to make a test model of anything that could be helpful to students in many fields.

"When students come up with an idea," said Michael Heptinstall, Director, Haney Technical. "Its going to be great for them instead of just having a flat one dimensional image or picture to hold.. Here they have a whole three dimensional thing that they can hold and look at and turn to determine if its good or if it needs a little tweaking."

Haney received the money for the printer through a grant program and they feel like it was definitely money well spent.

"We are always looking for new technology," said Heptinstall. "Things to help our students advance in the workforce.."

            "While the technology is new and their is a great deal of opportunity heading into that field," said Heath. "Give our students the opportunity to say ok.. I have worked with a 3d scanner I have worked with a printer.. I know how to deal with those things and I can go forward with that new field as it opens up and be the first ones out there."

The printer is cost effective too.. Any plaster that isn't used is brushed off, reclaimed and recycled for future use.