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Natural Gas Safety Information

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It is a popular and efficient fuel.  For natural gas consumers, it cooks meals and keeps homes warm in the winter.  If you use natural gas, do you have the proper monitor for safety in the even of a leak?  That's the topic of this week's News 13 Problem Solver.   

"Natural gas leaks can be severely dangerous in the home and businesses if they are not properly maintained," that according to  Assistant Chief Byron Bennett with the Panama City Fire Department.  He says throughout the year, they get calls regarding gas leaks.  Bennett says, "With natural gas, it is about the equivalent to weight of air so those can fill up a room and turning on a light switch can be just as dangerous as striking a match.

Assistant Chief Bennett points out important areas to check.  For example, he talked to News 13 about the tank less water heater at Panama City Fire Station 2.  "This is what we heat the fire station (station 2) with.  No grass, no debris is around here (outside near gas lines) that would get in the way of anything that would cause issues.  People will run into these things with law mowers, weed eaters...loosen up connections.  When doing maintenance, check all connections.  Make sure there is no presence of gas when you walk by."

You can take steps to protect yourself while you are sleeping.  Assistant Chief Bennett told us about natural gas detectors used in the home similar and sometimes combined with smoke alarms.  He says, if you detect a natural gas leak in your home leave not turn off any electronic devices or lights.  Call the fire department for help.