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Changes to Bay Haven and North Bay Haven Middle School Curriculums

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Changes are coming to Bay Haven and North Bay Haven Charter Academys' middle school curriculums. Administrators are adjusting the schedule for the upcoming school year to alleviate the effects of budget cuts, reduce traffic around the schools, and focus on teaching core subjects.

Bay Haven Principal Larry Bolinger said Bay Haven mailed letters to parents on Thursday to explain the changes for the upcoming school year.

Sixth, seventh and eighth graders will have a six period day, one less than last year's schedule. A typical schedule will include four core subjects, physical education, and one elective.

Middle Schoolers will also begin classes at a later time than elementary students. First period will begin at 8:15 in the morning. Classes will let out at 2:25 in the afternoon.

The staggered start times for the different grade levels is expected to reduce traffic, especially at Bay Haven.

Bolinger said although the middle school day will be shorter, students can focus on their core subjects, like math and language arts.

"We've upped the minutes in the core areas, in the core subject areas, and it'll give us a time to focus on them because one of the things we do here is we protect that instructional time."

Parents who have students in both elementary and middle school grades can drop everyone off at the same time. Teachers will have a study hall type area available for students who arrive early.