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Modern Medicine: Freezing Away the Fat

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Panama City, Fla. -

A non-invasive procedure is helping patients get rid of stubborn fat without surgery. Coolsculpting is a way to remove those bulges by allowing the body to break down fat cells after freezing them. 

It was originally used mainly in the abdominal area, but advancements are now allowing doctors to treat the inner thighs and even the arms.

Dr. Jon Ward from Gulf Coast Dermatology and Aqua Medical Spa says Coolsculpting is painless. An applicator is placed on the area being treated for an hour while it freezes the area being sculpted.  A new applicator, called the Coolfit, is used for patients wanting to shape the inner thighs or arms.

Cynthia Fuller had her lower stomach treated with Coolsculpting.

"I tried to diet and workout,  but I still had what I refer to lovingly as the mommy tummy," said Fuller. 

Dr. Ward explains that "one treatment gives a 20 to 25% fat layer reduction."  He goes on to say, "This is not a weight loss technique.  It is not meant to replace diet and exercise but to sculpt a portion of the body."

Fuller says it worked for her.

"I just wanted to fit in my old pair of jeans from before I was pregnant.  I actually have a new pair of jeans now.  I'm smaller than before I got pregnant," she said with a smile.

Dr. Ward says Coolsculpting destroys the fat cells, while leaving the skin cells untouched.  The cost depends on the size of the area treated, but Dr. Ward says the average treatment cost is $1,200.