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Bay District Schools Superintendent Addresses School Grade Concerns

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Bay District Schools Superintendent Bill Husfelt returned to work Tuesday after a trip to New Mexico. He was there to address Air Force families who will soon be enrolling their children in school here.

Tuesday, he addressed concerns about dropping school grades and an overall district grade that went from an "A" to a "C" in three years. The state released the grades on Friday.

More than half, 15 of the 29 elementary and middle schools in Bay County dropped one letter grade. The Board of Education recently voted not to allow a school to drop more than one letter grade. Three schools, Surfside and Jinks Middle Schools and Cherry Street Elementary, would have dropped more than one grade without the state provision.

However, when you break down the numbers, Husfelt said every school but one improved in math and reading, which is good news for teachers and students. 

The writing scores are what hurt nearly ever institution the most. The state raised the standard for writing, one of the more than 30 changes since 2011.

Husfelt said the report card for the district would look much better with the old system.

"If we were using 2011's score scale or even 2012's score scale, not only would we have had no "D's" probably, we would have had a lot of "A's" but because of the changes and we're not against you know raising the bar or raising standards, we just all think it's been a little too fast."

Oscar Patterson Elementary School is the only school to earn an "F." They're also now in the top lowest performing schools in the state. Husfelt said they'll be adding an hour to the school day just like Springfield Elementary did last year. Springfield earned a "C" this year.

High school grades are expected in late Fall.