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Panama City Concerned Over Jump in Animal Control Price Tag

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The price tag for Animal Control is going up in Panama City. The organization is raising their projected cost for the city in significant numbers.

"They are going from $290,000 to $363,000?" said Commissioner Mike Nichols at Monday night's budget hearing. "A $73,000 difference? That's a lot of money."

At Monday night's budget meeting commissioners brought those concerns to the table to make sure the tail isn't wagging the dog.

"If I'm getting phone calls from people about wild dogs, or cats, or whatever it may be and we can't get them to show up or they show up two days later...what are we paying them for?" said Nichols, who says he wants an agreement on paper.   

"One saying that you are going to increase $73,000 for additional calls,additional service, I want to see a contract," said Nichols in a interview with News13 Tuesday.

The city has not been under contract with the county since 2004 for Animal Control services.

"Based on the old contract we had we had two designated individuals to our city and I think the city and the citizens want to make sure we have a contract," said Nichols.

The 25% increase to $363,000 is a projected cost to the city. In other words, the city is billed per services rendered.

"So what you're saying is," said Commissioner Billy Rader. "This figure is not etched in stone?"

"No," said Assistant City Manager Jeff Brown.

Other commissioners agreed with Nichols at Mondays meeting.

"I think you're right," said Commissioner John Kady. "Maybe we ought to have some requirements that they keep two people within the city limits at all times so that they are there."

Again, services are all budgeted at projected cost. If the city receives more calls the price may go up, but adversely if they don't see as many calls the price goes down.