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School Zone, Slow Down Starts August 20th in Bay County

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It's almost that time. Bay District Schools will be back in session on August 20th. That means it's also time to slow down. School zone lights will once again be flashing after being off for about two months.

Schools will soon be buzzing with children, a lot of cars, and school buses, making it that much more important to slow down.

When lights are flashing, drivers must slow down to 20 miles per hour or to the posted limit on the school signs.

Zones are typically active 30 minutes before school starts in the morning and 30 minutes after the start time, for a total of an hour. The same goes in the afternoon when school lets out. The slower speed limit is in effect for an hour, 30 minutes before the release time and 30 minutes after.

Some zones like the one at North Bay Haven Charter Academy don't have flashing lights. They list the times you need to slow down.

Bay District Schools' Chief Safety and Security Officer Mike Jones said he knows the slower speeds can be inconvenient, but it's for the safety of students and drivers.

"They're in a hurry to get to work in the morning and in a hurry to get home in the afternoon or day care, or even to pick up their own child. But, it's for the safety of the children. Heed those warnings and those school zones because that's where the children are going to be congregating and crossing."

If you're pulled over for speeding in a school zone, the fine is doubled. For example, the Department of Motor Vehicles said if you're caught speeding 30 miles over the limit, you could pay about $555.50.