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School House Prep in Jackson County

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Parents and students in Jackson County are soaking up the last few days of summer. As for school employees their summer is officially over and its time to prep the campus for a new school year. Here is a taste of the work that goes into making Marianna Middle School ready for students?

Teachers were welcomed back into the school yesterday with boxes of books and cleaning supplies. Today they are able to clean, organize and decorate their classrooms. This 2013-14 school year is the first time teachers are enforcing appropriate dress and a new disciplinary system. The new changes call for teachers and administrators to gather and discuss how they plan to effectively enforce new school codes in group meetings. School books are separated and administered to each classroom. According to Principal Eddie Ellis, this is a vital time for teachers to assess what will work best for the new school year, "We are allowing our teachers to meet with their grade groups and team meetings so they can discuss their policies they are going to come up with their students and then they will report back to administration so we will all be on the same page so we know what is expected of all our students here at Marianna Middle School." Principal Ellis believes the preparations going on now will make for a great school year.