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Brother Pulls Gun on Brother at Mother's Funeral

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An altercation between two Southport brothers at their mother's funeral leads to the arrest of one of them for illegally carrying a concealed weapon.

44 year old Ronnie Young told investigators he was carrying the gun for self-defense after he learned his brother "Jay" planned to attack him at the funeral.

Witnesses say the brothers have not been on speaking terms for several years.

Wednesday at the Trinity Holiness Church, a report from the Bay County Sheriff's Office indicates that, as the mother's casket was being wheeled out of the sanctuary, "Jay" Young threatened to attack Ronnie, allegedly climbing across pews to get to him.

That's when Ronnie pulled the gun from his boot, he said in an effort to calm his brother down.

Ronnie Young was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon without a permit and improperly exhibiting a fire arm.