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Driving Cautions and Uniform Prep for Jackson County Schools

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Jackson County Schools are back in session August 19th! Between now and then, there are a few things you don't want to forget.

Student had summer to marinade on the new dress code and the school board is confident that students are aware of the attire change up. Students will wear appropriate Polo's and pants that match their schools requirements. Each school has two colors for students to wear that reflect school colors. Each school will also allow white to be worn. According to Jackson County School Board member Jennifer See, consequences of not following the new dress code begin on the first day of school, "Parents will be called immediately to have them come bring them a change of clothes or to come pick them up and it would not be an excused absence. So their will be consequences from day one on."

Also, Jackson County drivers, those school zone lights will be flashing bright and early next week. Make sure to plan your mornings around the first week of school traffic. School zones will be heavily patrolled to ensure your tires are stopping for school buses. Your speed may be required to drop down to 25 miles per hour or 15 depending where you are driving. According to Deputy Superintendent Cheryl McDaniel, drivers must also be cautious of school bus stops on their commute, "If you pass a bus that is unloading and loading children with their lights on and the arm out but its very dangerous. The risk of trying to get to work a few minutes faster at the danger of hurting a child it is just certainly not worth it."

If a bus has its flashers out and you are on a two lane road both lanes of traffic must stop. When a road is divided with a median, the opposing lane can continue traveling.