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Ice House Makes Move to St. Andrews Marina

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While it's not right now, all the different pieces of the ice plant sitting on the St. Andrews Marina make ice. Now, with a front row seat of the St. Andrews bay, the ice house that provides much of that cold stuff to commercial fisherman has a new home.

"We are working to get the electricity back on so we can start making ice to support the commercial fishing fleet," said William Whitson of the Panama City Community Redevelopment Agency.

After a slight delay, the ice house was trucked over from it's previous location at Panama City Marina; paid for by the CRA. Now, it just waits for a break in the weather to be put back together.

"There's electrical and plumping that will have to be reconnected in order to make the ice," said Whitson.

Businesses like Chez Amavida are right on the strip leading into St. Andrews Marina.

"People from the condos and a lot of the walking traffic that comes through this area," said Phillip Mercer, co-owner of Chez.

Chez acts as a gathering place in this area, so Baristas say, when the discussion hits the air waves they'll know about it.

"If it's what it was over in Panama City I'm sure that people will have an opinion," said Mercer. "We kind of seem to be the place where people put their opinions on us and let us know what's going on."

Although this week has been slow, Mercer says the ice hasn't become a hot topic just yet.

"Maybe it'll turn out to be this great thing and maybe they'll pretty it up and cover it up with something," said Mercer. "Who knows."

"So now we've got to get it screened in and make sure we can get the noise levels reduced so it fits into the community the best we can," said Whitson.

Whitson says the ice house operator hopes to have the machine up and running by September.