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Bay County Schools Prepare for First Day, Online Registration

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Summer vacation is almost over. Bay County students head back to school on Tuesday. However, teachers are already at work putting the final touches on their classrooms and getting books and supplies ready.

"The teachers are very busy getting their classrooms set up. The librarians are getting books into the classroom. The office has been full of people registering their children so we can be ready for all of those kids to get off the bus on Tuesday morning," said Northside Elementary Principal Amy Harvey.

At Northside on Friday afternoon, many teachers were cutting paper and stapling pictures to complete bulletin boards and create a welcome atmosphere for their students. Librarians were also sorting and distributing new math books to help teachers implement the state's new teaching strategies, Common Core Standards.

Harvey said everyone was enjoying the "calm before the storm." She's expecting a rush of parents to come to the school on Monday and early Tuesday. About a hundred students there still need to be registered online.

The school district is no longer using the blue forms students have brought home in past schools years. The entire registration process is now online through Parent Portal.

"What we recommend is if they come by, we can walk them through the process. It's fairly easy once you get going, get it started. It's that initial get into the computer, see what you're supposed to be doing, but we've had a steady stream of parents coming by to do that."

The same goes at every school in Bay County. If you still need to register your child online, you can visit his or her school on Monday or Tuesday for help.

Bay District Schools are back in session on August 20th.