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Heavy Rain Make Driving Conditions Dangerous

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Downpours soaked Panama City for most of the day, Saturday.

When the roads are flooded, or even just wet, it's important for motorists to plan accordingly.

As the rain beats down, the road conditions get worse.

"When its raining you just need to pay attention a little more and be more cautious when you are driving," said Sgt. John Moore, Panama City Police Department.

In order to get from point A to point B safely, there are a few key tips to follow:

"The first thing to do would be to slow down and to reduce your speed and you want to increase the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you," said Moore.

"Your vehicle is not going to brake as efficiently on a wet surface as it would a dry surface."

If you come across a street that is completely or partially underwater, do your best to avoid it and let law enforcement know. 

"The citizens have a large part into one notifying us about places that are having issues and two is trying to just negate the amount of travel."

If you do get caught in the rain and your vehicle starts to hydroplane, Defensivedriving.com recommends not to panic.

Don't accelerate or brake suddenly and stay lightly on the accelerator and steer towards open space.

"If you don't have something that needs to be done, it's better to just stay indoors until the flooding subsides.."

If you come across a roadway that need attention, contact local law enforcement.