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Lynn Haven Water Woes

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After a day of nearly constant rainfall some communities here in the Panhandle are suffering from flooding. One neighborhood in the City of Lynn Haven has residents are trying to fight Mother Nature by keeping water out of their homes. Long time home owners on Minnesota Avenue say flooding wasn't an expected issue when they moved in. "I have lived here 22 year," said Beverley Jenkins, ""I'm not supposed to be in a flood zone. I was told that when I bought the house." Despite not being in a flood zone, Mother Nature decided otherwise and it happened quickly.

Resident of 30 years, Julie Dewitt, "My friend Lori called around 11:00 and said you need to get home." Within hours her yard was completely covered in rain water. This hasn't always been a problem within the community according to Dewitt, "In the past 5, 6 years when it rains it does this." Recently homes have been built behind the flooded area and a Wal-Mart is right by on 24th Street. Resident of 22 years, Jenkins says her family is urging her to remover herself from the watery threats, "My children want me to move. I've been here 22 years and I don't really want to move but something's got to be done." Sue Mitchell doesn't want to blame anyone for the hardships she is facing but rather is hopeful the city may find a way to aid residents, "I mean it's not the cities fault. I mean anything they could do to help would surely be appreciated. If not, I may like Beverly said, I just might need to get myself out of here." According to Mayor Walter Kelley of the City of Lynn Haven, Lynn Haven Police are patrolling the roads and barricading any roads that should not be traveled. Also, the fire department is has called in extra help for the rain event.