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Flood Forces Beach Elementary to Postpone School

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Heavy rains over the weekend caused damaging floods at Hutchison Beach Elementary School. School officials made the decision to close the school, until Thursday.

"I was here when it started," said Theresa Black, Parent Volunteer. "It was just rushing out of the doors.. It was in all the classrooms."

Flood waters covered more than 75 percent of the classrooms at the school, Sunday.

"We noticed how flooded it was out here," said Tobi Lindsay, Teacher. "We could see it coming through our classroom doors. We went to go tell another teacher to watch the water and as soon as we turned around from that, it was already in our rooms."

The damage forced school officials to delay the start of school.

"We had a lot of parents and students eager to come here for orientation.. That cannot happen it's too dangerous and there is just too many things going on, said Glenda Nouskhajian, Beach Elementary Principal.

Volunteers from all over the community rushed in to help the school clean up.

"This is a community," said Nouskhajian. "They love this school and great happens here."

Kids and parents are a little worried, but they are ready to start the school year.

"Some of the classrooms that were most deeply affected, those are my kids classrooms," said Black. "They are a little worried about their classes and how they are going to go to school."

There is a lot of work left to be done, but they are confident they will be ready to for students to head back to class by, Thursday.

"We are going to get it done.. We are going to be ready Thursday, smiling faces and open arms for our students," said Nouskhajian.

All other schools in the district will continue with their normal schedule, Tuesday.