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Deer Point Lake Residents Experience Flooding Despite Draw Down

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With a few more storms Monday afternoon, water keeps inching closer and closer to the homes on Joanna Lane on Deer Point Lake. For 19 years the house the Bowden family built has been a far distance from lake front. But, over the past three days, Mother Nature has brought that waterfront to their back door.

"That's when we really began to start getting the worst of it," said Chumpy Bowden.

The worst of it was in the amount of fifteen inches of rain. The slow decline of property above water behind the Bowden's home even had the lawns decorative geese uprooting.

"They were actually anchored in the ground and they decided they would go swimming I guess," Bowden joked.  

A draw down on August 13th by Bay County brought levels down around the lake in an effort to head off the weekend's rain.

"I noticed that they had pulled it down almost a foot and before we had the rains," said Bowden. "But, it just wasn't enough with the volume of water we had."

The Bowdens say the last time the water was the high was in 1969 when Hurricane Camille hit the gulf states.

"When Camille came through we had water all the way up through Joanna lane," said Angela Bowden. "But, never as bad as this."

Ironically enough, the anniversary of Camille making landfall in the region was August 17th 1969 -- 44 years ago this week. 

"I pulled it up to look and I didn't even realize that it was two days," said Angela Bowden. "Kind of crazy!"