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Homeschooling Group Provides Resources to Families

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Bay Home Educators homeschooling group held a Meet 'n Greet Monday afternoon to bring together parents who are just looking into the option of homeschooling to parents who have taught their children at home for many years.

A lot of times families worry about the whole socialization factor and friends, but if you look here, there's lots of families that you can do co-op with, field trips with," said Tracy Dunlap, a mother of four.

The local homeschooling group helps parents like Dunlap who is also a full-time teacher to four meet other families in the same boat.

Dunlap and others have to meet certain state guidelines but get to choose which curriculum they use to teach their children. Some parents also have their children take standardized tests like the FCAT but are not required to meet the same guidelines as school district's.

Although parents like Dunlap and Bay Home Educators leader Kari Kremin said being the sole teacher for your children comes with extra responsibility, they enjoy the extra freedom and opportunities homeschooling provides.

"Our home school days can cover everything from making a volcano, to baking cookies, or to visiting a museum, and we try to make things where every experience is a learning experience," said Kremin.

"I can customize my children's education. I can go at their pace with the type of curriculum that works for each of them because they're all different learners," said Dunlap.

Bay Home Educators is working with the Bay County Public Library to make more resources available to parents.

If homeschooling is something you're interested in, you can email the group at or join their Facebook group.