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Panama City Dealing with Wash Out, Pot Hole Problems

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Panama City has gotten flooded with water and phone calls concerning cave ins since the flooding on the July 4th. 22 of them have been repaired, but storms baring down on the city over the weekend brought more rain and more problems.

Allen Trout is very familiar with one particular hole on Princeton Circle, where he found it with the front wheels of his truck.

"Yea, I hit it with my truck at first," said Trout. "It about put my head through the steering wheel."

More and more the city is seeing wash outs and cave ins. The city says they have received more than 55 phones calls since the beginning of July and even more after this past weekend.

"There's multiple ones around here," said Trout. "There's more here and probably twenty more down these roads."

Roads like 22nd, Grant, and Harvard street. Road after road, street after street, barricades have become more like a staple in neighborhoods like these than warning signs.

Trout says the one he had a run in with has been there for over three weeks.

"Over the last month it's grown and gotten deeper," said Trout. "And it goes anywhere from six to eight feet in either direction."

Panama City Public Works and Public Utilities have begun to tackle the problem, which they say is caused from excessive water and sand shifting under the surface.

Either way, it's a nuisance that has definitely over stayed its welcome.

"It's an inconvenience because this is where they do all their exercises and bring their kids," said Trout. "It's dangerous, it's a hazard."

City officials say that cave ins on major road ways tend to take high priority. Those at the ends of driveways are second in line. The best bet is to avoid these spots in the road and report any wash outs to your city Public Works.