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ONE on ONE with Burnie Thompson

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Over two months ago, Liberty County Sheriff Nick Finch was arrested and  charged with official misconduct for allegedly altering  documents.  The Governor suspended Finch without pay.   But Sheriff Finch has a lot of support including a statewide voice on the radio. Bay County's own Burnie Thompson is leading the charge to have Finch reinstated.

"I read a story about a sheriff who was arrested for official misconduct and I didn't have any sympathy for any official whose involved in misconduct, Thompson say,  But I kept hearing, that this man was not guilty, so when I looked into it very closely, it is true, he was wrongly arrested and wrongly suspended."

Thompson says the arrest and suspension without pay is unprecedented. He has a meeting on Tuesday, August 27th with Gov. Rick Scott. He hopes to convince the governor to bring in a special prosecutor in the case, and remove State Attorney Willie Meggs.