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Salvation Army Food Pantry Supplies Are Needed

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An organization that provides services for our community is reaching out for food donations.  The Salvation Army's Food Pantry is running critically low.  With 15 families (many with 5 or more members) coming in for food daily...canned foods and dry goods have to be restocked.  It is several weeks until the annual United We Can campaign and the army is concerned about completely running out of food by that time.

The Salvation Army is asking for non-perishable items such as canned soups, meat, vegetables, beans, peanut butter, ravioli…also dry rice, pasta, noodles, dry beans, instant potatoes and breakfast items.

Shae Wells,  Salvation Army Case Worker, tells News 13, "When you're not able to eat, that means you're not able to perform well in school. That means you're not able to, you know, that child is not happy. There's no joy there and I guess it kind of just touches home with me because I mean, I just couldn't imagine not having anything to eat."

If you would like to donate items in non-glass containers, you can do so Monday through Friday at the Salvation Army office at 1824 West 15th Street in Panama City.  Please make sure all food is in date and that the packaging has not been opened.