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Fundraiser for Suspended Liberty County Sheriff Nick Finch

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The suspended Liberty County Sheriff Nick Finch, saw a rush of support at a fundraising event in his honor, Saturday.

Finch was suspended without pay by the governor, earlier this year, after releasing a man from jail and allegedly covering up the arrest by altering or destroying official documents.

Sheriff Finch is facing official misconduct charges.

People from all over the Southeast showed up to show their support for Finch.

"We were expecting a crowd anywhere from 50 to 500," said Former Sheriff Richard Mack, President and Founder of CSPOA. "It's closer to 500. It's a packed house, standing room only."

The Bay Oath Keepers and the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, or CSPOA, held this fundraising event to show their support for the sheriff, who was suspended without pay in June.

"I knew that once Sheriff Mack and the CSPOA got involved and when the Oath Keepers got involved, I knew that at that point we were going to have some real support," said Sheriff Nick Finch.

"I came specifically to stand for freedom and to stand with a man who stood for freedom," said Mack.

Many noteworthy speakers addressed the room about Sheriff Finch's situation and about constitutional rights.

"It's wonderful to see and it's long over due," said Adrian Wyllie, Libertarian Candidate for Florida Governor. "I hope it's just the beginning of more people standing up for their 2nd amendment rights and for all of their constitutional rights."

There were speeches from multiple law enforcement personnel, including Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen, among others. Even Patrick Henry, in full costume, stopped in to say a few words.

The money they raised at the event will go to Sheriff Finch's family to help with his court fees.

"We raised 3,750 dollars in an hour and half for Sheriff Nick Finch," said Joe Metsa, Chapter Leader of the Bay Oath Keepers.

"We hope to number one, honor him and his family and raise a whole bunch of money for him," said Mack. "I believe today(Saturday) we are going to raise about 15 thousand dollars."

Sheriff Finch Himself is grateful for the support, both moral and monetary.

"Your support means the world to me and my family," said Finch. "Obviously, I was suspended without pay so it makes it difficult.. Thanks isn't enough... Thanks isn't enough."

Sheriff Finch's trial is set to begin on October 1st.