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A Night to Remember 8th Annual Princess Ball

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Many memories were made for fathers and their daughters at the 8th Annual Princess Ball held at the National Guard Armory in Panama City.

It was a formal event where daughters were able to play "dress up" for real! The event was sponsored by Gulf Coast Medical Center and Emerald Coast Hospice. Many special memories were made for dads and their princesses... most of them on the dance floor!

For father Jim Tackett attending dances like this creates a special bond between him and his daughter, "The father daughter relationship and bond is just.... it's just indescribable."
Fathers tried to keep up with their little dancing queens on the dance floor and these men proved they would do anything for a smile from their dates. From the Hokie-Pokie to the Electric Tackett says it's all for a good reason, "You know there are a lot of dads in there tonight making fools of themselves but it was a good time."
This is the 8th year for Girls INC to benefit from this dance. For many out on the dance floor, this isn't the first ball they've wobbled at like Jeff Pozen and his daughter Elizabeth Pozen,  "The first dance we went to was in 2006 so this is our 8th dance." Elizabeth, "I really appreciate that he takes the time that we get to have together and its something I'll cherish forever."

Each princess received a tiara to match her fabulous shoes and dress and even at a young age picking the perfect dress to twirl in is quite a process says 6 year old Jordan Tackett, "I had two choices! One was a white dress with buttons on the back, 3 of um, and it was like plain and then this was my other choice."
The dance created memories that these princess and fathers will never forget! According to father Joey Alexander, taking time to create these memories is imperative to a father daughter relationship, "You've got to have good father daughter quality time. Stuff like this is something that can bring you closer together. She looks forward to this and can't wait until the next. "
The event raised $2,500 for girls INC.