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Mexico Beach Adopts New Emergency Alert System

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Mexico Beach recently launched a system called CodeRed, which allows residents to receive emergency alert messages by phone call, text message, or email.

Before this system was installed, Mexico Beach personnel had to rely on police intercoms and going door-to-door to spread the word about current dangers.

The beginning of July started a new era for Mexico beach residents.

"It is designed for if we have an emergency we can send out an alert and it can go to a text, email, home phone," said Chief Glen Norris, Mexico Beach Police Department.  

CodeRed allows the city to send out important notices to it's residents in under five minutes.

"Say for instance we had someone armed and dangerous that ran from one of the officers, they could set up a parameter and we could call everyone in that parameter and say stay inside your house and if you see someone call the police," said Norris.

It can also be used to alert residents of boil water notices, road closures, mandatory evacuations and more.

It's a much safer process than what they relied on in the past. 

"I remember driving down the streets during tropical storms or hurricanes and being on the PA system announcing an emergency evacuation is in effect"

Police can even pinpoint specific areas of the city to notify.

"We can do one side of a street, both sides of one street.. We can do 3 streets. We can even pin point a specific house if we wanted to."

So far, only about 20 percent of the 1,100 full-time residents are signed up for the alert program. 

A Mexico Beach address is required for registration. 

 "We are trying to get the information out so we can get as many people on the system as we can. It's a free service it does not cost the taxpayers any money, the city paid for it."

To sign up go to, and click the CodeRed icon.

It will prompt you to enter your street address and your phone number.

If you have any problems registering or if you don't have Internet access, you can call City Hall or the Mexico Beach Police Department. They will assist you get set up to receive notifications.