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Freshmen on Florida State University's Panama City Campus

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Florida State University's Panama City Campus was buzzing with activity and excited students Monday afternoon.

Fifty baby Seminoles joined transfer students this year in kicking off the first day of the Fall semester. The branch campus admitted freshmen for the first time and now offers undergraduate classes as well as degree specific classes.

Freshmen also made a trip to Tallahassee to participate in Freshmen Convocation with nearly 6,000 others at the main FSU campus. However, some attending the Panama City campus tell News 13 they're excited for the opportunities they'll have at a smaller school.

"I'm looking forward to everything, the student government opportunities. I'm looking forward to really getting involved with the student organizations on campus and just really getting a head start on my classes and really getting to start college and see what it's like," said Freshman Stephany Bittar.

"I've been seeing students come on campus for the very first time. They're looking for classrooms. It's just exciting to see the exuberance about coming back to school," said Panama City Dean Dr. Ken Shaw.

The university doesn't have a total enrollment count as of Monday. More than 100 students could register for classes during the drop-add period.

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