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Taylor Haugen Foundation Helps To Provide Evoshields To Arnold

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In football news and five years ago Niceville high school football player Taylor Haugen died after a hit in a game rupture his liver.

Monday at Arnold high school Taylor's parents, Brian and Kathy who started the Taylor Haugen Foundation delivered a much needed gift to the Arnold Marlin football team.

The St Joe Community Foundation has partnered with the Taylor Haugen Foundation, and outfitted every football player at Arnold high school with the state of the art Evoshield rib protector shirts.

The Evoshields begin as a soft foam like material, but then when taken out of it's package it quickly becomes a rock hard shield that form fits and helps protect the player from injury they may sustain in hits around their lower rib cage.

The Evoshield is different than a pad as it disperses the impact the player may take across the entire shield where as a pad may just soften the blow in a isolated area.

Brian Haugen said, he knows the Evoshields are very effective especially when he hears testimonials from players that have used them already.

Now that Arnold players are fitted with the Evoshields the Rutherford Rams may be next.  Rutherford Head Coach Alvin Dempsey said, the team is in the process of fund raising so they too can get fitted.