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Panama City Commissioners Address Expensive Marina Project

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A packed agenda for Panama City Commissioner's on Tuesday.

The commission revisited a bid for the park phase of the marina project, which includes a splash pad and a lighthouse.

A consulting firm, called AECOM, projected the lighthouse to cost around $800 thousand. The actual bid came in at 1.6 million, double what they allotted.

"We need to go back and look at the bid and discuss it with AECOM and see where the discrepancy is whether its a matter of specifications or somebody missed something," said Commissioner John Kady. "We'll get there and it will probably be somewhere in the middle."

The ice house on St. Andrews Marina was also examined. Commissioners felt the price estimate for building a noise-canceling screen around it was a bit high. That estimate was $74 thousand.

Engineers will return to the drawing board with those plans to see if they can come up with something more cost effective.  

Also on the agenda, commissioners voted to approve the start of a widening project on Jenks avenue.

Gortimoller Engineering will begin designs on the plan.

"We have to always think forward about expanding those feeder roads into our community and Jenks avenue is one of those feeder roads coming from Baldwin," said Kady. "It's going to help with the drainage issues and with the transportation flow.

A pay increase for city employees was also discussed at the meeting. They are getting closer to a consensus on that.