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Two Bay County School Cafeterias Go High Tech, No Lunch Numbers

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Students punching in lunch numbers could soon be a thing of the past. Two Bay County Elementary Schools are participating in a pilot program where students use a barcode to purchase their food, instead of a punching in a lunch number on a keypad.

At Northside Elementary School, the change is proving to be a big hit with students, because it's actually a lot like a cash register at a store.

Students were issued a lanyard with a card and barcode.

That code is attached to their lunch number in the computer system, and when they go through the food line, all students have to do is scan their card at the end of the line and pay if they owe anything.

It even makes a beeping noise which sounds a lot like what you hear in the stores.

Principal Amy Harvey said a class is scheduled to come through the lunch line every three minutes, and cafeteria employees are finding this change helps keep everyone on schedule.

"Even our little ones are able to grab their card and scan their barcode as they go through. Remembering numbers is still hard on little one or even new students to us so this barcode is making it so they don't have to memorize those lunch numbers."

Students can still punch in their lunch number if they don't have their card.

Hiland Park Elementary is also participating in the pilot program. Other schools will move towards the cards and barcodes in the future.

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