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Locals Open Up About Dozier Exhumation Process

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The Dozier School for Boys has captured the nations attention due to unmarked graves.

 Saturday the exhumation process begins and residents are opening up about their cities unwanted attention from a school with a haunting past. In Mariana residents have a lot to say about their home town. The Florida Cabinet approved the University of South Florida to go onto the Dozier property to exhume unmarked graves. With over four hundred thousand dollars in federal grants the year long process should unveil the Dozier history. The school opened in 1900 and within the last few years stories of abuse, beatings and killings have surfaced from the time of opening until the 60's. The school closed in 2011 and now locals are concerned about the national attention the city is receiving and some believe the exhumation process isn't necessary. Resident Diana Selby doesn't believe the exhumation process should be funded, "Sometimes I think things are better off left… un-done." According to life long Jackson County Resident, Alan Brock, he agrees with the federal grants and exhumation approval, "Well, it just seems right to me. If that were my great grandfather out there and something happened to him, I would like to know." One Dozier employee from 2006 to the time of closing in 2011, Don Cheuvrong, the exhumation will bring out a lot of past memories some would like to move on from, "Well, I think it is just brings a lot of hurt back to the families. Letting them remember what happened to one of their loved ones and I just don't think its right."

The University of South Florida will get to the Dozier site Saturday and stay through Tuesday. Stay tuned to News 13 for all updates on the Universities findings.