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Bay United Soccer Giving Back To Community

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Bay United soccer has grown tremendously since it's early days in the 1990's, growing to over 350 players in their club alone. But there's always been an area of Bay County that has never caught on to soccer, and now the organization has teamed up with Head Start to offer a Player Development League strictly for boys and girls ages 8 and under.

Bay United and the city of Panama City have each donated money to fund the program, and everyone is excited to offer soccer to kids who may not have had another opportunity to play the sport before.

"We have seen tremendous growth in soccer, but there's always been a small area that has never really been able to participate in it," said Bay United president Tessie Goicoechea. "This gives the opportunity for soccer to really grow, and to take root in Bay County, and to give them another sport that they can actually learn, and hopefully enjoy, and grow into."

The goal is to offer soccer to kids for little to no coast, and to contact Bay United to find out how to sign up, or to sponsor a kid, you can e-mail them at