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Fluid Leaks on a Neighborhood Road Draw Concerns

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A garbage truck picks up trash in one neighborhood but also leaves something --undesirable-- behind.  Now…one resident is reaching out to News 13 for help.  Details in this Problem Solver.

This is not a brand new problem.  Matter of fact, it is the same situation we looked at years ago but involving a different company.

It was back in April of 2010 when Panama City Beach resident Joe Hajik called on News 13 to help resolve an issue in the Summer Breeze neighborhood.  At that time Hajik told us, "EWS had a truck that would leak hydraulic fluid when they compressed the trash.  Noticed hydraulic leakage from trucks picking up our home trash...basically, the problem escalated."

News 13 contacted The company doing the trash pickup at the time, Emerald Waste Services, about the leak problem.  They cleaned it up and fixed the truck.

That was then.  But, recent pictures sent to us by Joe Hajik show that the fluid leak problem was coming back.  Waste Pro is now the company that acquired EWS.  Hajik described what he saw last week, "I counted nine spill areas...ranging from six foot in diameter across commonly...there is another dozen smaller ones.  I know the people running the truck understood it was leaking and spraying, but they continued on doing the route."

Hajik says some of the leaks were heavy and told us, "I have had one location where there was a puddle of ten weight hydraulic fluid just about an eighth of an inch thick...underneath.  People would come home and park over it not realizing what it was."

Last week, News 13 took these concerns directly to the Waste Pro corporate office in Orlando.  After checking the issue, Chief Marketing Officer Ron Pecora issued this response in part, "What we determined was that a one of our trucks was in fact leaking liquid from the hopper where the waste goes and is compressed and a seal on the back of the truck had failed.  That evening, we replaced the seal on the truck.  We appreciate from News 13 and from any resident letting us know when anything unusual is going on with our trucks.  And I appreciate the approach News 13 took by bringing it to our attention." 

Ron Pecora says work has been done to help clean up the leaks on Summer Breeze Road.  He says this particular problem happens from time to time, but Waste Pro is quick to respond and clean up fluid leaks when they are notified by the public.  The company apologizes to residents for any inconvenience.

And this note to the story...Waste Pro recently added four new automated waste trucks to the Panama City area fleet…an investment of one -point- two million dollars.