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School Board Budget Proves a Success

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The 2012-2013 school year has come and gone but like a pencil mark you can't fully erase it's left a lasting mark on Jackson County School Board finances.


This Tuesday a school board meeting in Jackson County was called to look over last years finances. In order to move forward with the 2013-2014 budget the school board must assess last year's performance and see where they need improvement and where they got an "A+."


Last year a reduced budget was put into action. To absorb cuts, board members focused on where the system was flawed. They concluded it was staffing. One teacher costs $50,000 each year. Board members discovered over thirty teachers were not to a full classroom capacity resulting in a $200,000 potential savings. By budgeting to utilize teachers to their classroom capacity and dipping into reserves the budget stayed on target.


According to board member Chris Johnson, the boards decisions impacted everyone's wallet in a good way, "We were able to keep out mileage rate lower than it was last year. So we didn't put the burden on tax payers. We felt there were areas to cut and areas we could be more conservative without going and putting that burden on the tax payers."


Johnson says the new year's budget will keep the board from using any reserves. With student capacity nearly the same as the previous year staffing will be done on a need only basis and very conservatively.