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Florida's First Lady Visits Bay Haven Charter Academy

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It's not everyday you get a story read to you, by Florida's First Lady. But, that's what one very special class received on Thursday, where the topic is turtles.

"We are taking her to Mrs. Buffkin's kindergarten class and we are taking her to Mrs. Vankley's 7th grade Civics class," said Ben Pehr, a Student Ambassador for Bay Haven.

He and Karisa Pledger were charged with the care of Mrs. Scott as she went class to class at the Panama City school.

"Looking at our school and just looking around," said Pledger. "It's a huge honor."

"Sharing my passion for reading with the kids, talking with the kids, answering their questions about being first lady, life in the mansion; it's a lot of fun," said Scott. "I love what I get to do."

First stop, Mrs. Buffkin's kindergarten class. Next stop, seventh grade.

"We learn a lot about citizenship in this class," said Mrs. Vankley. "It's a brand new class for seventh graders."

"I visited the civics class and they asked me about why it's so important to give back to the communities," said Scott. "I said it's always important to me to give back because I find I get more in return than I do even giving."

Mrs. Scott answered questions, listened to stories, and got up close and personal on her visit with the next generation. A visit stemming from a newsletter sent by email to Mrs. Wendy Woodrick.

"So I responded and said we will love for you to visit," said Woodrick. "We love Florida history here she loves Florida history and they said yes so I'm really excited."

An exciting experience for both students and First Lady.

"I love the school the teachers are great they are enthusiastic they love what they are doing and couple of the student ambassadors that took me around the school even said civics was one of their favorite classes," said Scott.

"Sometimes all you have to do is ask and they said yes and so we are very fortunate," said Woodrick.

Mrs. Scott left Bay Haven  Charter Academy at ten o'clock Thursday to continue her Education Listening Tour around Florida.