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The United States Air Force Gets High Tech With Mosley High School Students

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Thursday at Mosley High School the United States Air Force ditched Uncle Sam's "We want you!" recruiting style by putting students into U.S. Air Force simulations.


Along with free water bottles and bags, students received a high tech experience in the Command Center Alpha  to see what today's Air Force is all about.


First students put their information into these iPads. The information goes straight to a database letting recruiters know if students are qualified, interested or not interested.

Next, they brought the iPads into the Command Center Alpha. By pointing them at bar codes they view testimonies from U.S. Air Force members. They can also interact in simulations like jumping from planes.

According to Major Adam Love, he is proud of the interest his cadets are showing, "I'm just glad to see a school like this where I'm a part of it and have cadets that are actually inspired to become future leaders better citizens, patriots, and also serve their country. Being unselfish, learning that discipline and be a part of something bigger than themselves."


The U.S. Air Force Alfa Tour will be at Rutherford High School Friday.