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STEM Is Cooking With Solar Power At Chipola College

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Given a short time limit and a few household items could you create a solar cooker? High school students at Chipola College did just that on Friday.

Students from six counties gathered in the name of science. It's a part of the Science Technology Education and Mathematics program, or STEM. Honor students put their energy and brain power into creating energy with solar power.

Duck tape, water bottles, aluminum foil, boxes and a time limit; that is all students received to create solar cookers. The contraptions sat in the sun for 40 minutes and a thermometer dictated the success of the students design.

A successful experiment must receive high scores in these three areas:



*High Temperatures

The experiment gave instructor Antonio Adessi confidence in the upcoming generation, "I think the future is looking bright. A lot of these kids they have very good ideas and understanding of technology and how they can apply them and how they can engineer systems."

STEM  will host 23 other events within the Chipola region  viewing area.